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Evergreen Wreaths & Roping

Our evergreen wreaths and related items for Christmas are hand-crafted with fresh-picked balsam & white pine to radiate a natural pine fragrance that is a timeless signature for the holiday season.

We make all standard sizes of wreaths and custom sizes also.

24 Balsam & White Pine Wreath

24" Balsam & White Pine Wreath





(Other specialty items available)


Contact us for your Christmas Fundraiser needs. We have an excellent program.

Meyer Distributors takes pride in the quality of all our products. Our goal is customer satisfaction. If a product is defective, contact your sales representative within 72 hours of receipt of your products.

Our evergreen roping, or garland, adds a beautiful touch to any doorway or fireplace mantel during the holidays. The fresh scent of pine is yours to enjoy throughout the season. We manufacture all the standard lengths and custom lengths too!